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Spilda still exists on the banks of Eyjafjarðará. Here are some pictures the first taken in May, and the other two from the harvest in September 2014.

Spilda environmental work. 11th and 12th of September 2013 the ground was prepared, the seed sown and the small field fenced, two times the length of the artist on each side. In the late summer of 2014 the garlic and rye will be harvested, and the fence be removed. This is in short the work Spilda. It is located in the land of Kristnes on the west-bank of the Eyjafjarðará (river) in north Iceland.
Special events concerning the work will be announced in due time!

De Ronddrijdende kerst beelden device bediend.
He is red like Christmas. Operating the device, while Christmas songs are playing simultaneously from the two turntables. 14 December, 2012 at Kulter proef lokaal Sanderijnstraat Street 21, Amsterdam.

The Black detective behind his desk, Sunday 23 september 2012 at Kunst in de Huiskamer – Art in the living-room kunstroute Blijdorp, Provenierswijk en Centrum Noord in Rotterdam.
photos: Stephan Schmidt
De Oersprong
In this performance of the Council of Culture (De Raad van Cultuur) did filter water from a nearby canal. Then the water was offered to the visitors of the event. Most people took the challenge and drank of the water.
It is not known to us, that anyone got sick or damaged there health in any way.
photo: Andre Houting
canvas, bamboo, metal and polystyrene foam. The horizontal flagpole turns in the wind.
This is the “now “ the artist thought.

The Virgin Enlightened
Thorsson participated in Museum-night in Rotterdam 6th. of Mars 2010. With 1000 watt's light bulb, that hing in front of the romantic statue De Maagd van Holland (The Virgin of Holland) at Nieuwemarkt. And forty meters of electric wire that applied the electricity from a nearby cafe, De Maagd van Holland. This work was part of the happening Kijk de Maagd in haar Ogen (Looked into, the Eyes of the Virgin).

Akureyri the cultural capital of the universe.
Wall painting painted on a wall between the art museum and the cultural centre in Akureyri, IS. The work was made for the Summer of the arts festival in Akureyri 2008.
Is the position of Akureyri in the universal culture known?

Thorssons contribution to the Stationary bird / Migratory bird Exhibition in Eyjafjarsveit, IS, 2008.
The name of the work is a wordplay, the work is made of small branches coverd with coloured feather, attacht to broomsticks. These branches remind us of flying birds. But they are quisling’s, in the world of birds. That is obvious.
Aren’t we all, the whole mankind quislings in the nature?
Kvistlingur in Icelandic can be a small branch.

Head II (the Prussian)
The second self-portrait from the series ©2008. "I noticed, when I lived in the east of the Netherlands, how many men wore moustaches. I decided to grow one myself. Which then led to this profile. This is an European, a German
but then he might be a Celt ?

Yule lads I, II, III
monotype on paper from 2006, c.a. 42 cm (fraimed, under glas in passe-partout)
You might just stand face to face with one, in the December night..... and a long night it is!

Source I, II & III
Computergraphics from 2006. Based on the big mother, the Sun.
When does a globe become a hole ?

Akureyri Menningarborg The Cultural Capital of Iceland wall painting, Akureyri, Iceland 2004 On this wall between the cultural centre and the art museum of Akureyri. Steini painted self designed Logo, indicating that this second town of Iceland. Is it’s first town of culture. The work was a part of the annual Smmer of Arts Festival in Akureyri.

The Home Exhibition The artists residence Hoogvliet , Rotterdam. exhibition view. In combination with the exhibition The Advertisement in gallery De Aanschouw, august 2002. He organized an exhibition of his drawings and paintings in his home.
It got positive review.

Designed in Finland 1994. Selfportrait inspirered by the portrait 'The Poet'. Engraving of the loved eighteenth century poet and scientist Jónas Hallgrímsson.
Observing the myth of the artist. Looking for a self.