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June 6th to 28th 2015
Occupy Hjalteyri Can we make a better world, or are we just avoiding the next catastrophe…..again?
Exhibition and happening in and around Verksmiđjan - The Factory at Hjalteyri, north Iceland in June 2015

Occupy Hjalteyri is a four week long summer ART happening/manifestation, organised in cooperation with Factory Hjalteyri, the Verksmiđjan municipality, invited guests and interested public. The project includes a ten day program of performances, lectures and music on location. After that, the venue will function as exhibition where the labor of the participants will be presented in any form possible, physical, video, audio or the written word.

The obstacles ahead look gigantic, climate change, moral decay, depletion of oil resources drought, and hunger. And what are we going to do about it?
It is time to create a new methodology through dialogue. In order to be able to survive the catastrophes that appear to flock around us. We need to create a sustainable world, for the benefit of all live.

Selected speakers, artists, scholars, thinkers and people that can bring light to the most urgent problems of times to come will be on hand. People that can think outside the frame, and have a vision of the future, will be invited to share their ideas.
Behind Occupy Hjalteyri stand people that are active in arts and culture both in Iceland and in the Netherlands. They are the visual artists Steini Thorsson and Elísabet Ásgrímsdóttir, cultural manager Guđrún Ţórsdóttir and visual artist and curator Ka Yee Li.

Are you worried about the future and you feel that it is time to do something about that! Contact us at the email address or use the email adress here on the site. Or you can come to Hjalteyri between 6th and 14th of June next year and work with us, we are going to save the world..

29th Marz – 3rd April 2015

Steini will be having a solo exhibition in Galerie de 13e maand, Haringvliet 591, 3011 ZP Rotterdam.
Opening Sunday 29th of Marz at 16.00. Artist talk and vernissage 3rd of April at 15.00,

December 28th 2014
are the following pages updated:
The Personal collection
Other painting techniques
Other works
With new work and information.

The whole year 2014
is Ađalsteinn Ţórsson the official draftsman of the Missieve the delightful culture magazine of the Tukker en Everwijn Instituut. De Missieve appears five times a year, every time containing one of Thorsson's drawings accompanied with a poem inspired by the drawing, from Eloy Everwijn the sharpest pen and assistant editor of the magazine.

October 13th to December 1st 2014
teaches Thorsson at the academy of visual arts in Akureyri/Myndlistaskólinn á Akureyri in department Fine-arts, at the same time he gave an evening course Drawing, open to public at the same school. “In the Fine art department we took a look at and analysed how the role of environment in visual art has changed through the ages until now, where Environmental art and all its offshoots seem to have achieved their own existence. Beside this we looked at the environment internal/external, our context in the social environment and to our future environment milieu. So this was a very wide approach that then resulted in works made by the students that fitted the framework of the project”. All three years of the department Fine-arts participated in the project.

November 14th 2014

This is Steini Thorson giving the lecture Art in times of scarcity, at the Ketilhús in Akureyri, subject being his art practice and the ideas that influence it. As part of a series of lectures on art and society that was organised by the local art museum and the higher educational institutes in Akureyri Háskólinn, Menntaskólinn og Verkmentaskólinn.

September 5th to 28th 2014

Now meets the Middle ages Is the name of Thorssons exhibition in Alţýđuhúsiđ in Siglufjörđur north Iceland. There he showed his Personal collection and small paintings painted with traditional methods, made for the Middle age days at Gásir in Eyjafjörđur. Thorsson has participated in this festival for the last three years and produced a body of work with traditional painting techniques such as egg tempera, and he has produced color from raw materials found in northeast Iceland, for this event. In Siglufjörđur he pitted against the other works of great difference, both in body and in mind. The exhibition was received as being beautiful. is the website of Miđaldadagar á Gásum – Middleage days at Gásir.

Augustus 29th to September 7th 2014
Per Form performance festival in Pand Paulus in Schiedam organised by the foundation Kunstwerkt. Thorsson would send fifteen minute live performances every day of the festival from Iceland, streaming over the internet with the help of Skype, titled Message from heaven. It must be said that the message did not appear sufficiently in Schiedam so that after two broadcasts the organisation decided to put an end to the enterprise, to the discontent of the artist. Compromise was that the last performance would take place the last day of the festival the seventh of September. The impression exists that this performance did succeed. Although this is not a clear indication of, how or if the message did come through. The website of foundation the Kunstwerkt is,

June 28th and 29th 2014
KIDH 2014. "Arts’ Haven" open studios at the neighborhoods Blijdorp, Bergpolder og de Provenierswijk in Rotterdam. Or rather open living rooms because the artists open their homes to the public this last weekend in June. Steini Thorsson was a guest of Anneke Renes á Bergselaan 305B where he showed the video work House seeking.

11th of May 2014
Two of Thorssons postcards that are sold at Galerie de 13e maand, the Santa Claus can also be bought at Jólabazar Helga & Beate..
did Galerie & postdepot de 13e maand opens with the groups exhibition Crisis kleding. A exhibition space run by Thorsson and fourteen other visual artists, it exposes work from all participants permanently, beside this there are month long exhibitions of the members and guest artist's in the two other exhibition rooms, and two to three groups exhibitions organised every year in the gallery. The expectation is that this increase to Rotterdam's art milieu will lift the spirit and bring the art appreciation of the inhabitants of the city to an unknown level. the website of De 13e maand.

15 - 16 January 2014
Steini Thorsson's The Personal Collection: Work from the collection and the latest additions, will be shown by the Tucker en Everwijn instituut, Nieuwe Binnenweg 290b in Rotterdam the Netherlands, 15th and 16th February upcoming. The exhibition is open from 14 – 17 hours both days, in the presence of the artist. Sunday the 16th Thorsson will conduct “private conversations” with guests of the exhibition, as a performance.
The exhibition is publicly open, there is no entrance fee.

11 September 2013

Began work at the environmental work Spilda, click here for more information.
Special events concerning the work will be announced in due time!

22 June 2013

At the opening of Réttardagur, the exhibition of Ađalheiđur Eysteinsdóttir. Thorsson performed his Sheep farmer terrorist performance in The Art museum of Akureyri, IS.

28 April 2013
are the pages:
The Personal Collection
Other work
updated with new photos, anecdotes and information.

Available 18 November - 16 December 2012.

'Duo' show with Vicente Fita Botel, in Kulter proef lokaal Sanderijnstraat 21 in Amsterdam. Thorsson shows Socks and The Houses of dung, all the work belonging to the Private Collection project.
Friday 29th November are the video works Document Múli 1 and Document 2 Múli, The amazing getaway of the hidden woman shown at Cafetaria movie night. @ Kulter proef lokaal.
Friday 14th December the performance De Ronddrijdende kerst beelden device bediend. @ Kulter proef lokaal.

21 – 23 September 2012 Kunst in de huiskamer.

Art in the living room Kunst route Blijdorp, Provenierswijk & Centrum Noord in Rotterdam. Thorsson shows the series Attractive abstract, and sits behind a desk as The Black detective.

9 June 2012 Het Gebeuren

“The Happening”. Thorsson organized a cleaning of an artwork from the visual artist Cordam. The work, a relief is placed in the backyard of Thorsson's atelier building and dates back to 1971. Visitors of the happening were invited to help with the cleaning. The work that had not been cleand for forty years, became colorful and shiny. With this act Thorsson wanted to remind that we have constant influence on our surroundings with all that we do and don't. It is a beautiful to let others shine .

Summer 2012
Thorssons work Love and sex II, was selected for the on-line exhibition of Liefde/Love Zomer-Expo 2012. The summer-exhibition of Het Gemeentemuseum, The Hague. Clic here to see Love and sex II.

19 March 2012
are the pages:
The Máni series
Máni abstract
The Personal Collection
After Máni
updated with new photos, anecdotes and information.

7 – 28 augustus 2011

Jos Bloemkolk opens the exhibition Nieuwe Kleren in Pand Paulus. Second photo: Dolly Bellefleur gives her tour at the finnisage.

30 May 2011
are the pages:
Curriculum vitae
Other work
the Personal Collection
updated with new photos, anecdotes and information.

August 2011 Pand Paulus

in Schiedam the exhibition Meer dan kleren will take place. This is an exhibition of seven artists, they are Chrystl Rijkeboer, Tukker & Everwijn Instituut, Marike Vierstra, Ka Yee Li en Marchien Joosten and Steini Thorsson.
It is interesting to note that not one of those artists is involved in the world of fashion!

The weekend of 11 - 13 February,
Thorsson participated in De Wilde Boekenmarkt 2011, initiative of Het Wilde Weten foundation (Rotterdam Holland). website: With his book Póstkort from 2009, published by Populus tremula.

10 October 2010 Raad van Cultuur.
photo: Stephan Schmidt
(the Consul of Culture) performed on the last day of the Singelkunst exhibition Oersprong . 20 min. performance where the artists purified water from a nearby canal, and made it fit for consumption. Most of the audience took the challenge and drank from the water.

11 September - 10 of October 2010 Singelkunst.
On the canals of Rotterdam floated twenty artworks. Thorson's work Guide. Flag on a flagpole did in a horizontal position, float over the water and guide the way, as it turned in the wind.

24 & 25 July 2010 Kristnesmót.

At the excellent Kristnesmót (family-assembly) Thorsson installed an exhibition of his works, as well as works of Helgi Thorsson, Karin Leening and legendary family photos, from time past. This whole enterprise was well received.

May 2010

Recently Steini Thorsson was spotted in company of visual artists, so called Raad van Cultuur (The Culture Commission). Thorsson is the first from left on this photo of fife souls with a carrot. Others on the photo are from left to right Karin Leening, Roel Wester, Ka Yee Li and Ronald Brus.

Museum night in Rotterdam, 6-7. Mars 2010
Thorsson participated in the event “Look the virgin in the eyes” (Kijk de maagd in haar ogen) at the square of the nineteenth century statue De Maagd van Holland/The Virgin of Holland. Steini's work The Virgin illuminated, was a 1000 Watt light-pulp that hang in front of the statues head, and enlightened the virgin.

The weekend 21 - 22 November ´09
The Shortday drawings from Steini Thorsson will be exposed in Populus tremula in Akureyri Iceland. This series of ink drawings are made by Thorsson especial for this event. The Populus tremula culture association will publicize book of 16 postcards (100 examples numbered and signed by the artist). With the drawings of Thorsson, as part of their series art books.
The book will be presented at the opening Saturday 21 at 14.00 hour.

Populus tremula on the nett

Friday 4 september ´09, at 19:30 o'ckock
Opens the exhibition Vertrouwd motief, nieuwe inzichten (Familiar motif, new visions) in Museum Oud Overschie 'De Hoop doet Leven' Overschie, Rotterdam. There you will see a new painting series from Thorsson, with the old thorp of Overschie as main subject. Beside this a selection of 27 other drawings and paintings, from the artist is shown in the museum.

The exhibition stay's to october 25.

In the month of July 2009
initiated Thorsson De Kleinste GroepsTentoonstelling in Zuid-Holland (The Smallest Group Exhibition in South - Holland). In the Douanehuisje at the harbour of Maassluis. With works from Emo Verkerk, Annette Splinter, Karin Leening and him self.

friday 24 april '09. 17 o´clock
opens the exhibition Kunst Poort Noord. Insulindestraat 248 Rotterdam North.
Thorsson shows the work The Personal Collection @ Kunstpoortnoord. This work is an mixed media innstallation. Materials that he uses are among other´s wine, coffee and used teabags.
For more information on the show go to:

25 - October '08
Are the following pages:
updated with new photos and information.

14 September'08
The annual auction of The Aanschouw gallery De Aankoop took place. The auction is a part of the De Wereld van Whitte de With festival in Rotterdam NL. Thorsson participated with Osama (see Paintings/portrait). The work woke the deserved attention, but was sold for a low price.

2 August 2008

The performance "Pimping-up" the Cultural Capital.
Thorsson updated his own work Akureyri cultural capital from 2004, live this beautiful Saturday. While the art lovers strolled between the galleries and the cafés in the street. The work is official part of The Summer of the arts festival in Akureyri 2008.

31 May '08

Opened Stationary bird / Migratory bird in Eyjarfjarđarsveit IS.
The exhibition is an open space exhibition, with over thirty participants. Thorsson’s contribution is in form of four sculptures so-called Quisling’s - Kvistlingar (imitations of birds). The project is initiated and organised by George Hollanders in cooperation with Gallerí Víđátta.

30 april 2008 The Queen's day
The queen’s birthday is a holiday in the Netherlands. Thorsson walked the streets to distribute orange paper (The Oranje’s are the Dutch royal family.) maintaining a dubious self-portrait and the text, “Kings are good for nothing. May I be your King”.

”Royal families are antidemocratic.
I live in so-called democracy, with such family. Therefore I consider it my right as citizen to be KING.
May I be your king?
Kings do not require wit or talent, just belong to ‘certain’ family. I can assure you
……..mine is ok!"

13 April '08
Opened the exhibition DIN A4 complete in Het Stedelijk museum Roermond NL.
This simpatic project is organised by L5 foundation.
Thorsson has had work in DIN A4, from the beginning.
The exhibition is open till 15 of June.

25 - February '08
Are the following pages:
After Máni
The Personal Collection
updated with new photos, films and information.

9 February '08

Photos from the opening of De Estetica van de steunkous, right Steini’s work Logicalobject – Doublefunction .
Project of the Tukker & Everwijn institute, with 81 participating artists. The exhibition is held at Humanitas, Bergweg, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


See them all @ Other.htlm

Steini has since childhood drawn pictures that relate to Christmas. And not the least pictures of the Yule lads. He has made something of an art form out of those paradoxal figures. His Jólasveinn has become quite a personal expression. Drawn in a simplified manner, at the same time both humoristic and grave, as fitting.
This is a dark silent figure, a troll. Is he evil, lonely, God or the misunderstood genius, the average Icelandic male, an artist or Steini’s self-portrait?
All of that……….. and more, we hope.
At least they are worth a while, now only digital.
But if you want the real thing Here is my mail

Yule lads/Jólasveinar first appeared in the 17th century as the sons of Grýla and Leppalúđi, who themselves had appeared in the 13th century and had earned a reputation for stealing and eating naughty children. The Jólasveinar were tallied at either nine or thirteen, but their names are at least 70. Thirteen of the most commonly accepted names of the Jólasveinar are:
December 12th Stekkjarstaur - Gimpy
December 13th Giljagaur - Gully Imp
December 14th Stúfur - Itty Bitty
December 15th Ţvörusleikir - Pot Scraper Licker
December 16th Pottasleikir - Pot Licker
December 17th Askasleikir - Bowl Licker
December 18th Hurđaskellir - Door Slammer
December 19th Skyrgámur - Skyr Gobbler (Skyr, an Icelandic yoghurt-type)
December 20th Bjúgnakrćkir - Sausage Snatcher
December 21st Gluggagćgir - Window Peeper
December 22nd Gáttaţefur - Doorway Sniffer
December 23rd Ketkrókur - Meat Hooker
December 24th Kertasníkir - Candle Beggar
As can be seen from the names, the Jólasveinar are thought of as playful imps whose main interest seems to be getting their hands on some of the seasonal food and other goodies, or lurking about trying to do some minor mischief. When they first appeared the Jólasveinar had many of the attributes of their parents but soon started to seem milder. In the last century they gained some of the attributes of their Nordic counterparts, and in this century have become homegrown versions of St. Nickolas or Santa Clauses.
The Jólasveinar live in the mountains and start to arrive in town, one a day, thirteen days before Christmas Eve with the last one arriving that morning. They start departing for home again on Christmas Day, with the last one departing on Ţrettándinn.
This text is borrowed from the site Witch is a nice site full of accessible information on Jól "feast for the pure at hart".


Steini's work in Theater Musica during the event Overschie as Gallery, Overschie Rotterdam
Center of activities was Museum Oud Overschie. Film over the event made by Media-netwerk is to see on Thorsson's myspace site

In September, aquarelle of Steini “Hildigunnur” was sold at the annual auction of the Aanschouw gallery. The auction is a part of the Wereld van de Witte de With festival that every year takes place in Rotterdam, Holland.
Aanschouw gallery on the web

August ‘07

The first Máni- postcard Liljurós is published. Edition of two thousand examples.
Get one for yourself !

27 - april '07
Three photos from Steini's most recent exhibitions.

Steini's work in Vrijnaakt, de Galerieboot, Rotterdam. 3rd of march to 1st of april 2007

Steini in Populus tremula, Akureyri. 30th of march to 1st of april 2007

Máni in Café Karolína, Akureyri. 7th of april to 4th of may 2007

Late winter 2007
Museumnacht/night Rotterdam 3 march, opens in de Kunstboot the group-exhibition 'Naakt/Nude'.
30 march is Ađalsteinn sóló in Populus termula, Máni opens the weekend there after in Kaffi Karólína. Both are located in Akureyri as known is.

Important update on the site is realized, with new works and better documentation of older works.
Following pages are renewed:
The Personal Collection

Late summer and autumn 2006
ONEMINUTEFILMS from Steini have been screened this autumn. The film Helgi & Hjálmar both at ICA in London and at The Fringe festival, Shanghai.
Beside this, was the film Ergens waar het mooi is shown in Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam in november.

02 - 07 '06
Opened 'de Kunstpassage' in the former court-house in Rotterdam north. The bulding was last used by the juvenile court, for this reason the exhibition's theme is the child and right's. The exhibition is open Thursday's to Sunday's from 12:30 to 16:30. The end of the project is not decided.
further see

Í dag skín síđan í fyrsta sinn á Íslensku. NJÓTTU VEL

Máni in Carlois II
de kunstenaar in Charlois stoeterij Manage 17 juni v. 15:00 - 17:00 uur

vanaf nu 31 mei
is de site ook in het Nederlands, GENIET ERVAN!

Máni in Carlois

The Horse paintings will be on display at
Charlois Stoterij Manage
Smithshoeksweg 205, Rotterdam
If you are in the neighborhood, come and take a look!

20 may 2006
Máni goes public.
From now on Máni has his own place on the World Wide Web. There are surely some dysfunctions on the site, but we are working hard to make it run correctly and smoothly. We want The Dutch part of the site to open at the end of next week. And the Icelandic site a week later.